The AI revolution is here. AI is fundamentally changing the landscape of healthcare delivery. The Art of Human Care with AI serves to answer the question: How can we leverage AI to change our world through healing?

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The Art of Human Care® with AI Artificial Intelligence

The Art of Human Care with Artificial Intelligence prepares you for the future.

The AI revolution is here. AI is fundamentally changing the landscape of healthcare delivery. The Art of Human Care with AI serves to answer the question: How can we leverage AI to change our world through healing?

Dr. Hassan A. Tetteh served as the Chief Medical Informatics Officer for the US Navy and led the implementation of enterprise AI healthcare solutions. Informed by his own life-altering, near-death experience, and the perils of AI delivery, his approach to health care ultimately led to his development of The Art of Human Care theory and The Art of Human Care with AI. His experience helped him embrace the mind-body-spirit connection that informs his clinical practice and AI work every day.

In The Art of Human Care with AI, Dr. Tetteh combines many of his own personal stories with the healing power of art. His down-to-earth humanitarianism and unique perspective on what it means to “heal” inspires readers to learn how they, too, can turn passion into a purpose, harness the power of AI, work every day to make the impossible possible, and positively change the world through healing.

If you carry purpose, personalization, and partnerships in your heart, you will deliver compassionate, effective human care... Engineer the ‘human’ into everything you do.” — Dr. Hassan A. Tetteh


Dr. Hassan Tetteh provides an essential framework, laid out in simple terms, for understanding the intersection of AI and modern healthcare. Brought to life with stories from his own personal journey, this book will be invaluable for health care leaders who are grappling with the inevitability of interfacing human and artificial intelligence.” — James J. Cimino MD, Professor of Medicine, Director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Informatics Institute
With great compassion, Dr. Hassan Tetteh provides readers with an insightful perspective that combines the principles of purpose, personalization, and partnership with the transformative power of AI to envision a brighter tomorrow. The Art of Human Care with AI recognizes that AI is a powerful assistive technology, not an all-seeing and deciding one, and instructs us to focus on what is most important. This is a priority read for today’s healthcare leaders inside and outside government.” — Scott Frohman, Google Federal
Dr. Tetteh skillfully describes a powerful next generation vision of wellness that leverages technology to elevate the connection between patients and their caregivers.” — Karen Matthews, MD, Former Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Defense Healthcare Management Systems
This powerful, timely book sets the stage for how AI will transform healthcare delivery. As a pioneer practitioner in this field, Dr. Tetteh has always been the first to insist that the true revolution will come only when we understand how to optimize the human-AI team in support of the patient’s needs. This means seeking the right combination of the science of AI with the art of human care. Dr. Tetteh does a magnificent job describing the exciting journey ahead.”— Jack Shanahan, Lieutenant General (USAF, Retired)
In The Art of Human Care with AI, Dr. Hassan Tetteh provides the best perspective yet on AI and health, with compelling insights from a global practitioner's point of view. He dispels the hype, delves into the realities of today, and delivers a practical pathway for health care of tomorrow. Dr. Tetteh illustrates an inspiring vision for living long and better in the near future. A must-read for anyone in healthcare.”— CJ Wilson, CEO and Founder MyHealth.Us
An amazing journey from a brilliant mind! Dr. Tetteh reminds us what it means to be human and challenges us to find our purpose and have the courage to make the art of the possible a reality.”  — Kevin A. Dorrance, MD, FACP, Partner and CEO TransformCare
Dr. Tetteh provides impactful insight of AI’s potential and role in the Art of Human Care. It is a must read for anyone who wants to better understand and improve the application of AI in medicine but more importantly in caring for the whole person.” — Paul A. Gurny, Senior Professional Faculty, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Tetteh is a true polymath. The perspective he brings—as a clinician, a military officer, an information scientist, and a humanitarian—enriches everything he does. And now, he brings that perspective to consider how health care (what he calls ‘human care’) can be vastly improved through the application of artificial intelligence. At first, this looks like an oxymoron; from all the science fiction we have seen and read, ‘human’ and ‘AI’ seem diametrically opposed. Yet, Dr. Tetteh explains—with passion and logic—how AI can accelerate advances in health care. Perhaps AI is not ‘Dr. Tetteh’s Magic Bullet,’ but it can certainly improve the human condition.” — Douglas E. Hough, Ph.D., Senior Associate, Department of Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
The Art of Human Care with AI is a compelling read for those of us who may not be AI experts but are trying to reshape healthcare for the better. Dr. Tetteh is one of those unique and rare individuals who have the credibility and experience to speak to both aspects of healthcare and the impact of AI on the future of health.” — Joseph Shepherd Miller, Esq, Technology & Media Law & Policy Attorney, Founder – Washington Center for Technology Policy Inclusion – WashingTECH, Inc.